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Get paid to teach languages online

If you are looking for flexible work you may want to try tutoring online. One of the best ways to make money in 2020 is by teaching your native or any other language you are proficient in to eager students around the world.

Many platforms employ native speakers to teach languages online. With some platforms, you need certain qualifications while others just need proof that you are proficient.

From English, Spanish, French, Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Ndebele, Yoruba to pidgin English. Teaching your native language is a legit way to earn whilst designing your own hours and helping students learn.

This week I’m outlining several platforms that allow tutors from Africa.

If you are interested please check out below links and Apply.


Hongkong Based italki is a platform with over 5 million users. You do not need to have any teaching qualifications to teach a language, although the more qualified you are the higher your earning potential. If you have no qualifications you can choose to be a community tutor.

Signing up is free but you have to pay a commission on your earnings.

If you are interested please sign up using the link below.

2.Amazing Talker

Amazing talker is a relatively new online platform where you can teach any language you wish so long as you are fluent on the said language. You can also choose to teach online or offline.

You don’t need a degree, just some experience which can include class, online, private or any qualifications you present them.

In addition, you are required to set up your own schedule, rates, profile with your intro video, provide a photo and a CV showing your experience and qualifications.

After a short Amazing Talker review, you are ready to open your schedule and teach using the Amazing Talker online teaching platform!

Your potential income can be up to two thousand USD, depending on the hours you teach and your specific rates.

Click the link below to visit the Amazing Talker application page.


Work at home as a language teacher with JustLearn.Just like the previous sites you get to set your own rates and schedule. All you need to start is to set up your account, build your brand by introducing yourself and posting your resume.

Pay varies between 5$ to 20$ per hour and you receive payments every month through Paypal. Just Learn is a new company so practice due diligence when you sign up.

To start working find link below.


With Palfish you can earn up to 22 USD /hour teaching kids using your phone.

The application can be accessed using iOS and Android. Teachers get paid to chat with students from their phone or tablet.

There are different requirements for teachers but if you have no teaching experience you can apply for free talk and live streaming classes which require no certification.

Apply today by clicking the link below to start making an impact while making money.

5.EHELLO (ehailuo)

eHailuo (eHello, eHailo) Is a Chinese based platform which hires non-native English speaking teachers. teachers take 1 to 1 classes for children and they pay $10 – $15 per hour. They use a lot of role-playing activities as part of their teaching method which is easy and fun to keep kids entertained while learning.

Go to https://www.ehailuo.com/ to register or Email: feedback@ehailuo.com incase you have questions or need any clarifications before you make your decision.

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