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In recent times working remotely is the new normal. Companies are cutting down, outsourcing or just opting to have a remote workforce.

Remote opportunities offer businesses vast labour expertise worldwide. Additionally, millennials are ditching the traditional 8 to 5 jobs for opportunities that allow people to work on their schedules wherever they are.

Virtual assistants have become an integral part of the remote/digital job communities. As a VA your core responsibility is to support businesses.

A VA’s deals with day to day office tasks such as Administration travel planning, documentation, filing, media and email management etc.

Every VA is unique and offers services tailored to a particular business. Therefore it is important to personalise your offer when applying for a VA position.

The pay rates vary from platform to platform or job to job. You can even possibly package yourself and sell the gig as a private VA.

Some opportunities are full time with salaries and benefits while some part-time side gigs remotely handled.

Below are platforms that employ beginner as well as professional VA’s.


known as a fast-paced social media company looking for VA’s to curate and write engaging content for small businesses.VA’s can also write short social media posts, and curate articles and photos for clients.

One does not need to have copywriting experience. However, the ability to speak and write fluent English is a must.

A flat-rate amount per account per month is paid. Your income increases as you take more accounts.

Go to to find out more about this unique opportunity to be a VA.

2. People Per Hour

People per hour is a marketplace that provides freelancers to businesses.

As one of the leading market places for freelancers worldwide you can find virtual assistant opportunities on this platform.

The site is unique because of its location-based targeting feature that allows buyers to hire people from their chosen local areas for specific jobs.

Likewise, freelancers can look for work available at their chosen location.

For more information go to


Available in 180 countries worldwide this platform is one of the most recognised freelancer sites out there.

On Upwork, people get hired to do a variety of gigs including Virtual and Personal assistant, data entry, translation, transcription etc.

There is any task imaginable online here. You are also allowed to apply for multiple tasks concurrently. However, Fiverr has a very competitive market. One must make sure to stand out when you submit a proposal.

In my opinion, Upwork is the place to start sharpening your freelancing skills. Especially if you are looking to be a VA or any other freelance opportunity.

Please go to to find out more interesting information and opportunities available.


As one of the most recognised sites Fiverr has mixed reviews from both freelancers and businesses.

An important fact is that one must learn to position and market themselves. As a freelancer on this platform, we have to advertise our services on all social media platforms to be able to find customers.

There’s a high competition which makes it a good place to refine your skills as you learn from the other freelancers.

Many forums for Fiverr workers are on social media. Please join one to get insights.

To join Fiverr use my referral link Fiverr to start today.


List of books recommended for aspiring and upcoming Virtual Assistants.

41x8fhJPn5L._SL160_ Become a Successful Virtual Assistant

51Dsk8G4VSL Take a leap of Faith and start a Virtual Assistant Business.


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