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Generate an income as a Product/User Tester.

Did you know you can earn some money as a product tester or user tester?

Organisations will pay for you to test their product and review it. You simply receive the product(physical or digital) to test and revert with a review after a given time frame.

There are different ways of testing products. The first is the traditional way where you receive the actual product to test. These product examples could be electronics, clothing, food, cosmetics etc.

The Second is to Navigate through the website or an app and review your experience as a user to help the owners improve and make their websites or app user-friendly.

There are probably many more ways to be a tester depending on niche and expertise but this week we delve into the websites that pay you easy money to simply test products as a beginner.


Apart from this one being a website which pays to take surveys, the Consumer Worldwide website includes an Innovation Lab for product testers.

They handpick 5-6 smart, dynamic consumers from 6 different countries each month to test and review a selection of innovative products from around the world.

This is a great opportunity for people of different cultures meet and exchange ideas and opinion.

The rewards are from 5$ to 100$ depending on the campaign and payments are transmitted via Paypal.

If you are interested to join a worldwide site that will open up your world to share your opinions and views with people from various backgrounds and cultures consumerworldwide is your joint.


From cosmetics to chocolates to toiletries Click Research works with reputable companies like Marks & Spencer, Boots and The Body Shop to bring you freebies for testing.

When it is not possible to send you the products; (This can happen with countries where postal and delivery problems exist), they will ask you to take surveys and accumulate points once you have up to 2,500 points they pay you 25 pounds.

Furthermore, the more complex the survey the more points awarded.

Join Clicks Research to start receiving freebies /making money easy.


Opinion Hero is a german company that focuses on market research. The company conducts worldwide research to help organisations to answer questions.

Once you register, wait for an email inviting you to give them details in-order for them to determine if you are fit for the study. After qualification, the product (physical/digital ) will be sent to you.

On completion one earns points which can then be exchanged as cash via Paypal.

To learn more click here Opinion Hero.


Based in Zurich this company aims to recruit testers worldwide for research and studies.

They carry their studies via skype and you can schedule the time that you want to participate according to your availability.

Just as the above site you after registration you will receive an email inviting you to a test via skype. Moreover, tests take an average of 30 to 90 minutes. One can Earn up to € 50 per hour for a test.

Besides, a guide will be appointed to help you through.

Payment will be sent usually after 10 days via PayPal.

To find out more click here testing time


Ping pong will pay you to test apps and websites on behalf of designers.

To join you will need to have good internet, a computer with a webcam and a microphone. Extra points for speaking other languages but fluent English is necessary.

One typically be able to earn €20 for a 30-minute interview and €40 for a 60-minute interview. In addition, gigs come by invitation emails and cash is sent via Paypal.

To learn more go here PingPong.

In conclusion, there are many user testing /Product testing websites and a quick search can help you determine which one you want to join.

However, it is important to note that an invitation may depend on your demographics. Therefore, you may wait longer to get an invite but patience is key. Once in, perform to the best of your ability to get those invitations rolling.

Good Luck in finding a testing site that suits your income needs.




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