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Take your Language Skills Online and Earn.

Are you Bilingual, Trilingual or Multilingual? Did you know that you can use your language skills to earn money online?

Translators for different services like interpretation and translation of documents, audios and videos are sort after by organisations worldwide.

Translation is a great opportunity to work from home especially during these current times where many are looking to supplement their income.

Due to reduction of hours and salaries from employmentloss of business during this Covid-19 pandemic a side hustle like Translation work can be a good earning prospect.

There are currently many online sites for online freelance translators, and a quick search will provide you with different lists of the Legit and scams.

It is therefore important to do your diligence when signing up to any one of them.

This week we look into some online platforms that offer opportunities for translators of African languages.


One of the global crowdsourcing translation portals where you can find translation jobs in many languages.

They accept everyone who is bilingual. With Conyacyou do not need to qualify through a     test. They accept fresh newbies globally to start with simple work and grow gradually.

If you are new to the translation world, you are allowed to start with short sentences and buildup your skills as you go.

Conyac has a freelance community where one can share advicenetwork and get questions answered, therefore, it is a good place to start honing your skills as there is plenty of help for you available through the quorum.

For more details including other opportunities offered visit


VerbalizeIt is a platform that offers transcription services for over 150 languages worldwide.

To start working, one must take a short test. Once qualified the firm offers training for the job. 

For the training, there is a schedule and you have to decide a flexible time for yourself to take the training.

After completing the training and getting verified job alerts will be sent via email.

Payments come via Paypal twice a month. 

To find out more about this a site please go to


Pacterra is also a global firm that offers remote opportunities to freelancers.

Just like the platform above Pacterra claims to have opportunities for every skill level.

To join you must browse for jobs select ones that suit you and complete your profile.

Afterwards, there is a training session followed by a test. Once approved you will be allocated tasks assigned as per item or hour.

There are different modes of payments, and one can select their preferred payment method.

4.Translation Directory

A classic old-style translation directory platform where agencies post jobs whereby one can apply directly to the agency.

There is a significant amount of African language translation jobs, additionally pay is usually listed per word.

In my opinion,  the pay is very low here but this is a good site to start honing your translator skills if you plan to do translations professionally.

Here is the Link to Translation Directory to find out more.

5. Translators without Borders

This is a volunteer platform to help NGO’S especially ones who deal with refugees with translation services.

I’m listing this platform here purely for purposes of volunteering as well as a learning opportunity if you are looking to become a professional translator.

 It is a good site to start with so you can learn the ropes as well as help those in need.

Apart from the above websites translation jobs can also be found on general-purpose platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and other crowdsourcing websites.

Translation can be a good online earning opportunity for you keeping in mind that most
Africans speak two or more languages. 

Using your language skills is a lucrative way to start working and earning online.


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