DropShipping Busines for African Entrepreneurs

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is defined as a retail fulfilment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product using the dropshipping model, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the seller doesn’t have to handle the product directly. www.shopify.com

As an African entrepreneur dropshipping is a fascinating concept. This is because you do not hold the inventory but only purchase it as needed or ordered by your customers. Thus, eliminating the notion that one needs a physical shop to be in business.

Last weeks article sell-your-creative-merch-via-print-on-demand-sites-online we shared platforms where one can sell their design ideas. If one doesn’t have an e-commerce shop, one can utilise dropshipping platforms for selling their merchandise via dropshipping platforms.

Drop shippers have been selling all kinds of goods from furniture to cookware via these platforms for some years now. Although this model hasn’t been much exploited in Africa, it is one of the best business models for earning money online worldwide.

This week as promised, we feature platforms where Africans can explore the dropshipping model as a business opportunity online.


Arguably one of the most reputable dropshipping platforms online today. Shopify supports both big and small businesses and has millions of users globally.

One can literally have a shop within a few clicks on Shopify.com. In addition, they allow you to choose your theme and functions from the site or upload from elsewhere. Also, their websites are responsive hence mobile user friendly.

There are many a forum on Facebook, Reddit and Twitter for Shopify. Users can join to gain insights on what to do or where to sell.

It is worthy to note that if you are feeling unsure and want to begin selling immediately, you can also get cheap shop setups and help on fiverr.com.

Shopify currently offers a 90 days trial. Users get access to try all Shopify features during this period in order to decide if the platform is suitable for their needs.

Payment methods on Shopify include Paypal, credit cards, google pay, bank transfers etcetera.


This platform is excellent as it allows everyone to sell and buy worldwide.

Their best features include allowing transactions with the currency of your choice, language choice functions your storefront and products, ability to ship globally via integrations with the world’s most popular shipping providers. And Ability to configure tax for nearly any country using their built-in calculator.

You can start a 90-day free trial here www.bigcommerce.com

3. Ecwid

This is a relatively new platform on the market that allows you to add an online shop quite easily and quick.

Ecwid works by giving you a ‘widget’ that gets placed on other sites — hence the name Ecwid: it’s short for ‘E-commerce Widget’. A few lines of HTML code (the widget) are provided to add to an existing website or social media profile, and your store is displayed wherever you’ve inserted this code.https://www.stylefactoryproductions.com/blog/ecwid-review.

Here you can get a shop with basic features for free something the other platforms don’t offer. However, the monthly subscriptions are affordable at the beginning with 15 USD per month.

Users can also access almost 50 payment getaways with Ecwid including Paypal, Payoneer and direct bank deposits which make it a great platform for African Dropshippers.

To start your shop in 5 minutes using my referral link here open.ecwid.com

4. AliDropship 

Owned by the mammoth Alibaba from china Ali Drop is a reputable Drop Shipping solution.

It is a unique platform in that it allows you to integrate with WordPress or build an independent store of your choice.

AliDrop’s unique feature known as the one-click plugin that turns your entire WordPress site into a fully functional online store with dropshipping options.

The link to Ali Express where one chooses their products which are then sent automatically to your e-shop. This is inclusive of all product details such as photos descriptions weight etc is quite seamless.

One can get a custom store built at a price that comes with a personal manager to discuss what you want /niche and help you all the way with your store.

In addition, you can get a free consultation here https://alidropship.combefore you make your commitment.


This Chinese platform lets you drop ship for free. They provide tens of thousands of products to sell.

There is no limit for which products to sell; therefore selling is not limited to one niche.

Alongside one having an independent e-store. China brands also offer drop shipping for resellers which means you can inturn list the goods on eBay and Amazon, Etsy etc.

ChinaBrands is perfect for the African entrepreneur. Reason being that a seller is also allowed to brand your products hence, making it easy for anyone anywhere to start his or her own online Branded business.

Again drop shippers enjoy the advantage of deciding their prices, therefore, making maximum profit from sales deals on Chinabrands.

To start your dropshipping business, please go to www.chinabrands.com.


With the raised platforms, one can start a dropshipping business at home quite easily. Further, though some are free, some require a small investment. It’s advisable to first sign up for a trial. This gives one the ability to test-drive and decide whether the particular site works for your needs.

We suggest below book on drop shipping that will give you an insightful approach if you are keen on dropshipping.

Dropshipping: A Step By Step Guide On How To Make Money Online With Dropshipping by [Dan Moore]