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Authentic Freelancing Websites For Africans.

Last weeks article Fiverr & Upwork Alternatives covered other freelancing platforms other than the above mentioned.

Some very innovative Africans have realised that we have a unique market. Hence, they have gone ahead and created digital spaces where Africans can offer their services online.

This Freelancing African market is small but growing in leaps and bounds. Besides, these market places are not yet overpopulated, therefore providing higher chances of finding job and gig opportunities.

We went on research mode to find what is on offer should you prefer to work in an authentic African freelance space. Or just connect and exchange ideas with other African Freelancers.

Apart from  Kuhustle of Kenya, which I mentioned last week. Various authentic African Freelancing Websites cater to the African digital Hustler.

We Look into these authentic African Platforms for freelancers this week.


54artistry is a creative melting point. A platform for all creatives to pitch their skills.

From makeup artists to graphic designers, this site enables all creatives skilled and unskilled to come together.

Furthermore, they allow creatives like artists and designers to sell their products in addition to providing training to do what one loves.

If you are an aspiring creative, you might want to check it out.

2. Asuqu

This  Nigerian platform is a market place which aims to connect both creatives and professionals with customers across Africa.

Freelancers are charged 15% on each project secured.

Asuqu has a Facebook page where one can view their reviews and jobs and connect with other asuqu members.


Yaalda provides opportunities to hire affordable freelancers in Africa.

At Yaalda one can hire freelance programmers,  writers, data entry, web developers, designers and so on at a fraction of the cost.

It is one of Africa’s Largest Outsourcing Marketplace as well as a bilingual market place that also caters for the French-speaking Freelancer.

4.Nosweat work

This is a South African based platform that caters for both freelance and permanent jobs online.

Nosweat work is a demanding platform because you have to apply to the job that’s posted online or sent to you via email.

Furthermore, it is more of a skilled worker website as they demand CVs, portfolios and samples of previous jobs done.

Don’t let the high demands dampen your spirits please go to their website and find out a list of jobs posted to see if you are qualified/interested then strategise.

You can also check their Facebook page to connect with others on the platform and to find out more information on job application requirements, their culture and other resources.


1task1job is a Yaounde based platform that connects skilled youth to businesses worldwide.

They collaborate with start-ups, investors and other business to outsource their projects with freelancers.

1task1job aims at capturing Africans in the diaspora who seek to outsource opportunities back home.

Signing up and creating your profile is free and easy at

1task1job is only available in a few countries, but the good news is that they are expanding and should be available in most parts of Africa soon.

6. Juakali

Kenyan Juakali seeks to connect clients with skilled manual workers. Plumbers, carpenters, makeup artists, artists, cleaners and interior designers this platform is for you.

If you are in the informal sector and living in Kenya, go to to see what’s on offer.


Freelancing is a big industry. Therefore, we may not have scratched the surface of hundreds of freelance platforms available.

New ones are being created every day, and by the look of it, freelance jobs abound globally.

We hope that what we have shared here points you in the right direction in your search for freelancing opportunities online in Africa.

We Look forward to your comments and suggestions should you have any.

As always practise due diligence and do your research before signing up.











Freelance Jobs

Fiverr & Upwork Alternatives that will get you paid.

Upwork and Fiverr are the most common general-purpose websites that employ literally anyone from any skill level.

These two companies are open to freelancers and employers worldwide to offer opportunities and services amongst each other.

There is a variety of services that a freelancer can offer on these platforms, Both skilled and unskilled gigs.

For example, graphic design, website creation, data entry, translation, sales and social media marketing, virtual assistant, customer service, telemarketing etc. Suffice to say there is work for everyone.

Despite the above websites being so popular with African Freelancers. There are other alternatives to these two sites that work as well and are available to the African demographic.

This week our focus is on these alternatives that work just as well as fiverr and Upwork.

1.People Per Hour

PPH is a freelancer market place where you can find different freelance opportunities.

As I mentioned this earlier on a previous post become a virtual assistant . It is a location-based website which enables employers and freelancers to find opportunities within their locale as well as locations of their choice.

The company links companies with freelancers for different services.

A freelancer has to create a profile of themselves and choose up to 15 skills that they can offer. In addition, you must complete a competitive compelling profile to be marketable.

It’s advisable also add your previous work samples and/or portfolios to show your competence before you start bidding for work.

Payments are made via bank transfer or PayPal.

You can check out more info on

As one of the biggest freelance markets in the world has a large user database as one of its advantages.

Here You can find freelancers and employers from all over the globe making it a very competitive marketplace.

Furthermore, you are privileged to set a comfortable work schedule, meet people from various countries and different walks of life.

In most cases, employers prefer to hire cheaper workers with less experience here. Hence this makes the site a great start for beginner freelancers who are just starting.

After bidding and approval of the projects, a freelancer will start the job within the given timeframe.

Thereafter once the job is done and the employer satisfied, the funds are released and then one can withdraw the money directly to their bank account or using PayPal.

To find out more head over to .

3. Truelancer

Truelancer is a curated marketplace with a large number of freelancers.

All you need to do here is sign up and create a profile, Browse jobs then send proposals for the tasks you wish to undertake , wait for approval from buyer to proceed and work.

This platform is great for beginners. Additionally, as a newbie you’ll start with low rates and scale as you grow.

Moreover, it is totally worth it for developing your skills and learning here so as to be marketable elsewhere.

Payment withdrawal options on Truelancer are both via Payoneer and Paypal.

If you are interested head over to to find out if it’s a great fit for you.

4. is a Kenyan based freelance site geared towards offering opportunities to the African market. However, the platform is more of a skill-oriented market place.

One bids for jobs posted by various companies/individuals looking for freelancers.

The site similar to Upwork, you have to create a profile with your skills and areas of expertise. Additionally, you can upload links to your portfolio which is a great way to market yourself.

Email alerts are sent to you every time a client posts a job offer that requires your skillset. You then have to send a compelling written proposal for the job you are interested in undertaking, state your budget and timelines and wait for the approval.

Jobs are few and far between so it is important to be patient.

Payment is by cheque once task is completed reviewed and accepted. There are plans underway to add more payment options.

Check out for more information. is also another crowd market open place that brings freelancers and employers together.

Guru has been around for many years and is Open to freelancers 18 years or older.

To sign up just like all platforms you have to set up your username and password. Then choose membership as a freelancer.

Set up your profile and you are good to go and start searching and bidding for available jobs.

Employers can add funds to SafePay (a shared account between freelancer and employer) and pay by check, credit card, e-check, PayPal, cash account funds, or wire transfer.

Head over to to get more insights on what is on offer there.

Overall please Consider checking these multipurpose websites out as you may find opportunities that you had no idea existed in the first place.

It is of paramount importance for you to read reviews, research and ask for more is a good place to go and find more first-hand information.

Above all practise due diligence online.

Happy Freelance job Hunting!


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