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PAID TO REVIEW An Easy Method To Earn a Side Income


Did you know you can earn money for reviewing products? This article delves into online sites that will pay you to take part to give your feedback in the form of reviews.

Taking part in a review may not make you a lot but will at least guarantee a side income.

You will need to have a computer and access to the internet to do the job. But, some review sites have Apps that you may download to your Smartphone for the people who prefer phones.

Before you register to work for any review company, it’s prudent you read the Frequently Asked Questions section. This will tell how the company operates and how to provide an insight into how they are to work with.

One of the things you may want to know before you begin to work with a company is how much you need to earn to be able to withdraw from your account. Some pay using electronic transfer to your account, PayPal and others will mail you a company check. 

It’s worth noting that not all companies will pay you money. Some will give reward points in the form of vouchers or gift cards. Others will give out test products before they introduce them to the market; that may be the only compensation you’ll get from the company.

Marketing and research companies prefer giving referral bonuses when you encourage your family and friends to sign up. Other companies will also pay just for your initial registration. 

Therefore, you have to do some in-depth research on a company before you get your head into it.

That said, the following is a carefully selected list of 10 best review sites that pay in Africa.

Panel Station

Panel Station is a worldwide consumer community that contributes to the development of products and services. It offers paid surveys and opportunities to review products and services. 

Its mobile app makes it convenient for you to take surveys and reviews on your Smartphone, and registration is free. Upon successful enrollment and completion of available tasks, you earn up to 1000 points.

Every completed task earns you more points with most of these worth up to 5000-panel reward points. You can redeem your points for a variety of vouchers from popular brands.

The more tasks you take, the more you increase your chances of winning sweepstakes prices. 

Fill out a form here to join the community and begin earning today.


Of all the review sites available, LifePoints is one of the best-paying sites with a friendly interface and thus the perfect user experience.

With this site, you have an option of using the online interface or download the app on your Android or iOS device. A large amount of surveys makes it possible for you to cash out within the first few days of joining.

Now the best part is if for any reason you don’t qualify for any review, one is automatically entered into a sweepstake for free. This is a South African site where you can earn that elusive side income easy. 

Register today, get your first review job and grow your income.

Slice the Pie

Have you ever imagined of being paid for listening and rating music? Slice the pie is one of a kind. They pay up to 17 cents a song or less. This depends on the promotions that come with the song. 

Reviewing a song will take you only a few minutes, and if you’re pressing on your job, you could earn more than $10 in a day. You get your pay every Tuesday and Friday, and this will require $10 to complete.

Once you sign up and take jobs, think of the first $10 as your security, and then you can continue earning through listening to and reviewing songs. 

The understanding here is that it is not the producer or the artist who makes the song a hit; reviews also compel people to listen to it. 

You can also download Slice the Pie app on your Android Smartphone phone and join the community.

Online Bookclub

For those whole love reading, this website pays you to read and review books. One receives either a physical or an ebook to read for free and are required to review. This club has thousands of members worldwide. They also run sweepstakes and other competitors for members with cash values.

you can check this out here online book club

The above are just a few, but many more sites present an opportunity for you to earn that extra side income. However, do your research, ask friends and relatives on referrals that will earn you some good money. These sites are free to join, and this makes it easy for anyone to join and begin earning.